Infinitesima is pleased to announce the completion of its investment round to expand production of the Metron®3D 300 mm in-line wafer metrology system.

Metron3D 2024 Press Release

Following the first system shipment in early 2023, and the completion of evaluations with leading semiconductor manufacturers, the funding round will enable Infinitesima to capitalise on the significant demand for their next-generation metrology system, the Metron®3D.

The Metron®3D revolutionises the throughput capability of automated Atomic Force Metrology, enabling in-line, sub-nanometer, 3D process control of advanced semiconductor manufacturing. Improvements to in-line metrology and inspection are essential to enable production of next-generation semiconductor devices.

We are excited about the strong interest from leading semiconductor manufacturers in our revolutionary probe technology. This important financing round enables us to ramp our production capacity, expand our team, and further invest in our roadmap.” said Peter Jenkins, CEO of Infinitesima.

The investment round was supported by a consortium of financial and semiconductor industry strategic investors comprising: Wonik Investment Partners, Company K Partners, IMM Investment Corp., Marketech International Corp., and Applied Ventures ITIC Innovation Fund, L.P., a fund jointly created by Applied Ventures, LLC, the corporate venture arm of Applied Materials, Inc., and ITIC-Taiwan (Industrial Technology Investment Corporation), the investment venture arm of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).

Anand Kamannavar, Head of Applied Ventures, commented, “we are excited to support the Infinitesima team with their unique technology as they look to address some very important semiconductor metrology challenges.”

Michel Chu, Head of ITIC, added, “This is a strategic investment by ITIC to help strengthen Infinitesima’s established local partnerships in Taiwan and secure critical metrology to support the production of next generation 3D semiconductor devices”.

Andrew Dixon, Infinitesima Chairman and founder of ARC InterCapital said, “We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to our new investors whose profound knowledge in semiconductor technology and finance will play a pivotal role in propelling the company forward. This demonstration of support for the technology and the team marks a significant milestone in our exciting journey.

About Infinitesima

Infinitesima Limited is a UK-based leader in advanced metrology solutions for the semiconductor industry. The company has pioneered an innovative technology combining the 3-dimensional surface detection capability of atomic force microscopy, with high-speed laser activation, and the accuracy of interferometry, the Rapid Probe Microscope (RPM™), protected by an extensive patent portfolio.

The company’s RPM™ technology has been integrated as a module by leading semiconductor equipment companies and is in use at leading semiconductor manufacturers.

Semiconductor manufacturers increasingly require higher resolution 3D metrology solutions to control next generation processes that cannot be addressed by current optical and electron beam techniques. Infinitesima has introduced a high-speed metrology system, Metron®3D, featuring the company’s patented RPM™ technology, to address the growing customer need for in-line sub-nanometer* 3D process control.

  • 1 nanometer (nm) is 10-9 of a meter (a single silicon atom is ~0.2 nm in diameter).

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