Semiconductor devices provide the foundations on which progress in the technology sector are enabled. From Smartphones to Artificial Intelligence, 5G communications to autonomous vehicles, all are made possible through advances in semiconductor processes. Scaling these processes requires sub-nanometer measurement of increasingly complex 3D structures to enable more powerful devices.

Infinitesima has developed a revolutionary atomic precision 3D metrology technology which has been qualified by leading companies in the semiconductor industry and we believe is essential for continued progress.

To quote Lord Kelvin, ‘If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it!’.

Who we are

Based near Oxford, Infinitesima is a privately owned company founded in 2001, as a spin-out of the University of Bristol, by CTO Professor Andrew Humphris. Our dynamic team of scientists and engineers is focussed on enabling the next generation of semiconductor devices through delivery of innovative products to customers around the world.

What we do

Infinitesima has developed a fundamentally different atomic force 3D surface measurement technique, the Rapid Probe Microscope. In the RPM a revolutionary thermal-optical actuation is combined with an interferometric measurement system to deliver picometer precision and speeds >10x faster than those achieved by conventional Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM).

How to contact us

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Infinitesima Limited Suite 1, Hitching Court, Abingdon Business Park, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 1RG, United Kingdom