Continuing Moore’s Law requires increasingly complex 3D structures controlled to sub nanometer tolerances. Current optical and e-beam inspection & metrology techniques lack the resolution and 3D capability required to measure these tolerances. This creates an opportunity for a new technology to participate in the $7.2B Semiconductor process diagnostics market.

Infinitesima has developed a fundamentally different atomic force 3D surface measurement technique, the Rapid Probe Microscope. This combines revolutionary thermal-optical actuation with an interferometric measurement system delivering picometer precision and speeds >100x faster than those achievable with conventional Atomic Force Microscope systems.

Founder & CTO

“At Infinitesima we are focussed on enabling tomorrow’s semiconductors by delivering true 3D nanoscale information”.

Product Marketing Director

“We strive to add value to our customers by providing accurate 3D measurement & analysis with our innovative RPM technology”.