Nano-Scale Imaging
for Industry

Today's nano-scale imaging solutions suffer from long imaging times, or the restrictions of using a vacuum chamber. Rapid Probe Microscopy (RPM™) solves both of these problems by taking images in a fraction of a second in the open atmosphere. RPM™ is a non-destructive process which is compatible with a wide range of samples. The process has wide applicability to existing applications.



Rapid Probe Microscopy (RPM) provides nano-scale images with information in less than a second. It is useful in numerous applications and all of the main market segments where nano-scale imaging and metrology is required. For further information on the markets served by our technology, select the appropriate link below or contact us directly to become a member of our Partner Program.




Infinitesima relocates to the new Oxford Centre for Innovation to expand production and development of its flagship product, the Rapid Probe Microscope (RPM)

Oxford, UK - February 2012



SPIE Advanced Lithography

San Jose, California, USA - February 24 - February 28 2013

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