Press Release

Infinitesima announces the appointment of Dr. Paul Atherton as Chairman of its Board of Directors


Dr. Paul Atherton has been appointed Executive Chairman of Infinitesima, the VideoAFMT company. Dr. Atherton has also recently made a significant equity investment in the company.

Paul Atherton commented: "I am very excited about Infinitesima and the new products it is preparing to roll out, which are all based on world leading research from Mervyn Miles' group at University of Bristol. The new Video-rate Atomic Force Microscope (VideoAFMT) will allow us to see molecular processes happen in real time. Infinitesima is a real Nanotechnology company, with real products that allow us to see things moving and changing at the nano-scale in real time. We really can watch paint drying and proteins unfolding. We can also scan very large areas at high speed, replacing Scanning Electron Microscopes in many applications. This technology will revolutionise many areas of biotechnology and molecular level development."

Professor Mervyn Miles, the founding chairman of the company, remains on the board and chairs the Scientific Advisory Board. Mervyn Miles said "This is a very exciting time for Infinitesima as we prepare to launch new products. We are now professionalizing our management team and Paul has the experience, and the connections, to allow us to move forward rapidly."


Infinitesima is a spin out from the Physics Dept of the University of Bristol, and focuses on improved techniques for Scanning Probe Microscopy, a key enabling tool in the field of Nanotechnology. The company is currently working on a Video-rate Atomic Force Microscope, a product which it expects to announce shortly.

Paul Atherton:

Paul Atherton is the Chairman of NanoVentures Ltd, an early stage investment company promoting Nanotechnologies, and of C2V BV. He is also President of euspen (the European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology). Paul is also on the board of IC Innovations, Sussex Place Ventures and Sulis Innovation, and is a governor of the London Business School. He sits on the National Strategic Advisory Group for Nanotechnology. Previously he co-founded Queensgate Instruments while a graduate student and served as Managing Director until its sale in March 2000. He lectures, teaches and consults widely on the topic of Nanotechnology and is an experienced Angel Investor.

Mervyn Miles:

Mervyn Miles is Professor of Physics at the University of Bristol where he is head of the Microstructures and Nanostructures Research Group with a reputation in the development and application of instrumentation of scanning prob