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Infinitesima Announces the High Resolution Imaging Module™ With Atmospheric, 3D Nano-Scale Imaging Capability

Infinitesima Limited announced today the availability of is newest product, the High Resolution Imaging Module (HRIM™).


The HRIM is based on Infinitesima's patented Resonant Probe Microscopy™ (RPM) technology. Designed for integrating onto existing manufacturing and metrology platforms, the HRIM brings a high-throughput nano-scale imaging capability to manufacturing and inspection platforms.

RPM technology produces nano-scale imaging and metrology information in less than a second without the use of a vacuum chamber. It works at industrial speed without the sample-type or load-time restrictions of a vacuum chamber present in competing techniques such as scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Additionally, RPM provides essential 3D which enables a more comprehensive identification of sample features or defect types.

Andy Humphris, CTO of Infinitesima said, "We are very pleased to release the High Resolution Imaging Module and have always seen RPM's place in industrial applications. The speed of the process enables industrial-level throughput with the advantages of scanning probe microscopy. Other scanning probe techniques suffer from imaging times of several minutes and are therefore unsuitable for these types of applications. The 3-D information provided by the RPM technique offers industrial users extra information not available with traditional nano-scale imaging tools."

Jeff Lyons, CEO of Infinitesima said, "Industrial nano-scale inspection applications require throughput, reliability and as much information for the user as possible. The HRIM brings unprecedented speed and reliability to the user in a non-vacuum nano-scale imaging technique. The 3-D information available allows users to quickly identify manufacturing issues and defect types. Industrial tool manufacturers can now bring the benefits of RPM to their customers."

The HRIM is available now for integration onto manufacturing and metrology tool platforms. Manufacturers should contact the company directly for relevant information.


Infinitesima is the developer of Resonant Probe Microscopy (RPM™). The company supplies many products based on its techniques including the Advanced Resonance Controller and the VideoAFM™. The company is focused on developing new products based on its high-speed imaging techniques for the semiconductor, industrial, biotechnology and general research markets.

The company is located in the historic city of Oxford, UK. In addition to being a world-recognised centre of technology innovation, Oxford is located near to the city of London, Heathrow Airport and the M4 Corridor, a favoured location of high-tech companies in the United Kingdom.


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