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Infinitesima Ltd. announces it will demonstrate its new VideoAFM™ at the Materials Research Society 2005 Fall Meeting and Trade Show in Boston, US


Infinitesima Ltd. announced today that it will be demonstrating the VideoAFM™, the world’s first video-rate atomic force microscope, at the Materials Research Society Fall trade and technology show from 28 November through 2 December, 2005.

The VideoAFM™ is the first atomic force microscope that is capable of delivering real-time images at video frame rates. With imaging rates up to 1000 times faster than conventional AFM’s, the VideoAFM™ allows users to view and interact with molecular processes in real time. It can deliver full video at frame rates of 15 and 25 frames per second. The VideoAFM™ has a viewing window of 3µm by 3µm, which can be moved across a surface in real time. The VideoAFM™ can also generate large area scans, many times the size of the viewing window, at full resolution.

The VideoAFM™ works in conjunction with existing AFM's without affecting their functionality. The VideoAFM™ also allows large surface areas to be explored before selecting features of interest for a more detailed investigation.

Research in areas such as polymer processes and biotechnology, such as in the study of DNA, will be transformed by the VideoAFM™. Researchers will be able to view processes not previously observed. This technology will help unlock new areas in nanotechnology process development, creating new markets.

Dr. Andrew Humphris, Chief Technology Officer and founder of Infinitesima commented, "We look forward to demonstrating the VideoAFM™ at the Fall Meeting of MRS. The MRS Meeting is an ideal showcase for the new capabilities brought to materials research by the VideoAFM™. The VideoAFM™ is the result of years of research and was designed around the needs of the users of scanning probe microscopes. We have already seen researchers making use of the video capability, but have only scratched the surface with respect to the capabilities of the instrument. The VideoAFM™ is already enabling exciting breakthroughs in nanotechnology."

** Dr. Humphris will be giving a talk at the Fall MRS Meeting reviewing the latest developments in video-rate AFM microscopy.

About Infinitesima:

Infinitesima is located in central Oxford, UK, at the Oxford Centre for Innovation building. Infinitesima Ltd. specialises in developing advanced products for Scanning Probe Microscopy, such as the VideoAFM™, which are key enabling tools for nanotechnology.


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