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Infinitesima announces compatibility with the MultiModeT Scanning Probe Microscope from Veeco Corp


Infinitesima Limited, developer of the world's first video-rate atomic force microscope, announced today that it has certified Veeco's MultiMode™ Scanning Probe Microscope to be compatible with the VideoAFM™.

The VideoAFM™ is fast establishing an entirely new method of performing research in nanotechnology and opening new avenues of research. The instrument delivers real-time video at the molecular-level, allowing researchers to operate the instrument much like an optical microscope, but at nanometer resolution. Because of its ability to view dynamic molecular processes in real-time, the VideoAFM™ is becoming a fundamental tool in the fast-growing area of Bio-Nanotechnology research. The MultiMode Scanning Probe Microscope from Veeco is used widely by researchers in the Bio-Nanotechnology field, and this announcement signifies that the VideoAFM™ may now be used in conjunction with the MultiMode in these areas.

Dr. Andrew Humphris, Chief Technology Officer of Infinitesima Ltd. said, "The VideoAFM™ continues to draw interest from researchers using a wide variety of atomic force microscopes. Because our instrument is used in conjunction with an AFM, it is important that we continue to certify compatibility with the most often used models. The MultiMode from Veeco is widely used by researchers who are working in the areas where the VideoAFM™ is having large impact. As such this is a very significant announcement for us."


The VideoAFM™ is the first commercially available Atomic Force Microscope that is capable of delivering real-time images at video frame rates. With imaging rates of 1000 times faster than conventional AFM's, the VideoAFM™ allows users to visualize and interact with chemical or biological processes, at the molecular level, in real time. The VideoAFM™ also allows large surface areas to be explored before selecting features of interest for a more detailed investigation.

The VideoAFM™ works in conjunction with existing AFMs without affecting the functionality of the microscope. A list of all the AFM's which are compatible with the VideoAFM™ is available for download at

MultiMode™ is a registered trademark of Veeco Instruments Inc.


Infinitesima is a developer of the VideoAFM™ and focuses on high-speed imaging techniques for AFM's, the key enabling tools in the field of Nanotechnology. The company is located in the city of Oxford in the United Kingdom.


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