Press Release

Infinitesima to exhibit the VideoAFM™ at the UKSPM 2005


This is a preliminary announcement that Infinitesima Limited, the VideoAFM™ Company, will be exhibiting its new product at the UK Scanning Probe Microscopy (UKSPM) Conference 2005. The company will be demonstrating the VideoAFM™, a video-rate Atomic Force Microscope at a conference for the first time, in anticipation of full product release in May 2005. Infinitesima will be accepting orders for production units at the show.

The UKSPM 2005 Conference will be held at the Cable and Wireless Training and Conference Centre in Coventry on March 21-22, 2005.


The VideoAFM™ is the first commercially available scanning probe microscope that is capable of delivering real-time images at video frame rates. With imaging rates up to 1000 times faster than conventional AFMs, the VideoAFM™ allows users to visualize and interact with chemical or biological processes in real time.

The VideoAFM™ works in conjunction with existing AFMs without affecting the functionality of the microscope. The VideoAFM™ also allows large surface areas to be explored before selecting features of interest for a more detailed investigation.


Infinitesima is a spin out from the Physics Dept of the University of Bristol, and focuses on improved techniques for Scanning Probe Microscopy. The company recently relocated to new facilities at the Oxford Centre for Innovation.


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