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The Rapid Probe Microscopy technology can be configured to support platforms built for the following market segments, among others. Please click on the link below to see how RPM can enhance your product.

Icon: Semiconductor Process Control

Semiconductor Process Control

In semiconductor fabrication, RPM technology offers a non-vacuum, non-electron-beam alternative for the process control and metrology requirements. With today's manufacturing technologies sensitive to variations and defects at the nano-scale, RPM™ offers the ability to work in atmosphere on semiconductor layers which may or may not be conductive. Since no vacuum chamber is required, none of the drawbacks suffered by certain manufacturing materials in vacuum are incurred.

Icon: Industrial Inspection

Industrial Inspection

Manufacturing processes are becoming ever more concerned with surface quality at the nano-scale. Techniques like AFM have provided inadequate solutions to this problem due to their long imaging times. RPM™ offers the ability to inspect at the nano-scale in-line with manufacturing processes due to the near-instantaneous imaging speed.

Icon: Research Technology

Research Technology

In general research, the leading techniques have long provided the only means of viewing samples at the nano-scale. However, the drawback of long imaging times severely limits the amount of data which can be collected. This may mean that only a limit number of variations in a given experiment may be considered, or that data gathering may take an inordinately long time. Also, inter-experimental variations are more difficult to detect and must be considered only after all of the data is taken. RPM's shorter imaging times mean that feedback can be gained before taking the next data point in real-time. This, combined with the additional data now available provides a significant advantage in the research market.

Icon: Biotech Instrumentation

Biotech Instrumentation

In the Biotechnology market, results are key. Ease-of-use in the instrumentation is paramount. RPM provides the ultimate in ease-of-use in probe microscopy. Fast imaging times means that the process is not affected by environmental conditions such as vibration and temperature variations the way current probe techniques are. Further, with instantaneous feedback, processes may be adjusted in an automated fashion, thus achieving superior ease-of-use characteristics.